CallMed medical service pays special attention to proper interhospital transportation of children who need it. CallMed medical service ensures newborn transportation as safely and as professionally as possible.

Children transportation is accompanied by a resuscitation-consultation team, which includes neonatologist, paramedic and doctors of other specialties, if required by investigation results.

CallMed uses special vehicles and medical equipment. for the transportation of newborns. Children are transported in modern reanimation ambulance car. The child is placed in an incubator, designed specifically for medical transportation. It is convectively heated and supplied with high oxygen concentration. In addition, the transport incubator is equipped with monitoring systems, aspiration of pulmonary secretions and artificial lung ventilation.

Prior to the transportation the neonatologist assesses the child’s condition and determines his/her readiness to undergo transportation successfully.

The child can be transported after everything is thoroughly prepared:

  • the child is wrapped in a blanket;
  • all screens are checked for stable operation;
  • catheters and tubes are securely fixed.

During transportation the accompanying doctors monitor the heart beats, breathing, regularly measure blood pressure and body temperature, and conduct oxygen saturation measurement and electrocardioscopy. The paramedic enters all data in the transported newborn’s record.

Professional workers of CallMed medical service value each child’s life. Therefore, during the transportation, they invest all their knowledge, experience, care and responsibility into taking the child gently and fast to where it can get proper medical care.

Medical transport service can be requested calling 14112 or 0(22) 276587.