CallMed medical service provides all inclusive medical transport service, both within and outside the country.

Medical transport services consist in assisted and safe transportation of emergency cases by trained medical staff.

Medical transportation safety is ensured by medical devices on board of the ambulances, monitoring devices, medical kits, resuscitation kits, oxygen systems and medical monitoring and emergency intervention trained medical staff.

Vacuum mattress stretcher, stretcher with retractable undercarriage and variable fixing system, and emergency cell heating/cooling system allow transporting patients in the safest conditions. These facilities bring us out in a positive light. Our crews are highly qualified in interhospital and long-distance medical transportations, both national and international;

Private pre-hospital emergency medical assistance is coordinated 24/7 by qualified medical staff of the CallMed Private Medical Center’s call center.

Prompt intervention and efficient medical action are two of the most important advantages of private emergency service.

Our specialists will ensure that you are provided with the highest quality medical services.

You can call our CallMed emergency services available 24/7/365.

Medical transport service can be requested calling 14112 or 0(22) 276587.