Nowadays, the presence of the ambulance teams during the competitions is not a surprise to anyone, it has become one of the essential safety requirements. Any kind of professional sport involves a certain risk to the human health, thus, ambulance presence is a justified necessity. Timely medical care could save the life and health of more than one sportsman, member or event fan, harmed during the competition. Special attention is paid to the medical support during the international competitions. Private Medical Service Calmed has extensive experience in medical support for mass sports and social events.

The duty of the ambulance team is tailored in accordance to sports type, the number of sportsmen participating in the competition and the expected number of the audience. The ambulance team include highly qualified and professional doctors. Ambulance cars are equipped with the latest tools that allow an efficient and high-quality medical care on site and during transportation.

Medical support event can be requested calling 14112 or 0(22) 276587.