CallMed paid emergency service provides support during big events by a team of emergency doctors or by a physician: – sports events; – corporate events; – concerts; – parties; – participation in filming; – support during funerals.

Big holidays, sports and corporate events require careful and responsible approach in their organization. After all, you need to make it interesting, bright and, most importantly, safe for all participants. Assistance of medical teams has become one of the essential safety requirements of any event. CallMed medical service has extensive experience in medical support during mass actions, corporate, sports and social events.

The assistance of our experts ensures safe and timely medical care, if necessary, to all participants to the party or event. Assistance during corporate events from CallMed medical service is provided by attentive highly-qualified staff, ready at any moment to promptly assist people in need with any complex situation, to organize the hospitalization of patients and medical evacuation of victims.

We provide new-generation, fully-equipped ambulance transport which enables to perform complex medical manipulations on the spot, including intensive care. After all, our ambulances are equipped with modern resuscitation and diagnostic equipment and a full set of medications for any situation.