CallMed Emergency Service is the first private health care emergency station in the Republic of Moldova, was founded on the 01.11.2002, providing emergency medical assistance to people with health problems.

You and the members of your family deserve the best. That’s why CallMed offers its patients the most recent health care innovations in medicine. Each minute counts when it comes to life and death .

CallMed team reaches its patients in a fast manner and ensures medical assistance, regardless of health insurance policy and residence. CallMed has certified ambulances, equipped with transportation and immobilization systems, to monitor patient’s vital signs, to carry out artificial lung ventilation and etc. CallMed ambulance service has a multidisciplinary clinic with physicians from all areas of expertise. This fact ensures that each patient can get high quality medical assistance in a single institution. Ambulance service carries out the transportation of patients (including patients in critical condition) within Moldova, Europe and CIS territory (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and etc.) Moreover, it provides transportation services of patients for investigation to specialized diagnosis centers, hospital, railroad station and back. CallMed resuscitation cars can take the patient to the board of the plane, if the patient needs to be transferred to a hospital abroad, or can pick up the patient at the airport and transfer him/her to one of the local clinics.

CallMed private ambulance works with individuals and legal entities. The staff is well trained to meet all medical and surgical challenges.

Private pre-hospital emergency medical assistance is coordinated 24/7 by qualified medical staff of the CallMed Private Medical Center’s call center.

Prompt intervention and efficient medical action are two of the most important advantages of private emergency service.

Our specialists will ensure that you are provided with the highest quality medical services.

You can call our CallMed emergency services available 24/7/365.

Ambulance CallMed can be requested calling 14112 or 0(22) 276587.