You drank too much … what can we do?

You drank too much … You are ashamed to appear on the street or at work. What to do?

CallMed can offer you a solution – treatment of alcohol intoxication at home. Although there is nothing pleasant in this situation, but you shall not be ashamed of it. Often, it is such a state – not a disease, but a consequence of the recent roaring party. Detoxification therapy is cleansing of the body of toxins accumulated due to alcohol abuse.

A large part of our patients are not necessarily “drunkards”, how we used to imagine them to be. They are people who work lot and hard every day to make important decisions and are liable for their actions and the actions of their subordinates. They cannot afford a morning hangover, despite the fact that they also have the right to rest and a friendly company. And still, who did not drink too much in his life. Detoxification procedure will allow them to sleep better, to return faster to life, to feel fresh and cheerful, without a trace of the evening libations on the face.

Treatment of light alcohol intoxication at home is convenient and efficient. It’s a true relief! CallMed emergency team is on duty day and night and can break up and come to you at any moment. Dropper, sterile individual materials and special medicated drugs – all this will help you. The patient is getting better already during the dropper. Improvement occurs within an hour after the start of treatment. A few hours after medical manipulations you will feel better and you will be able to live without unpleasant physical sensations, you will engage in the usual things and look good. Detoxification shall be performed 1-2 times a day for 1-5 days depending on the severity of the patient’s state, the doctor’s recommendations and other conditions of health care provision.

Detoxification is cleansing of the body of toxins accumulated due to alcohol abuse.

Ambulance CallMed can be requested calling 14112 or 0(22) 276587.